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A Comprehensive Dashboard for Our Current Allies

We’ve gathered everything you need as a Trade Ally. Apply for funds, review rebates available, use our HVAC calculator to estimate rebates, request co-branded marketing materials, access training and much more.

Current Funds Available


*Funds available as of September 1st, 2022

Prescriptive Rebates

Lighting, HVAC and ARC

Custom Rebates

Controls, Compressed Air, Whole Building Ect.s

Before applying for a Custom Rebate, please fill out the Custom Project Qualification Form and email to

Ally News Update

Trade Ally Summit

New training experience designed from Trade Ally Feedback.

Business Rebates New as of July -

Outdoor Outdoor Lighting qualifies for Lighting Rebates

All Business Rebates less than $5,000 will no longer require preapproval

The lighting Rebate limit is now $100,000 per building per calendar year


Trade Ally Training Feedback - OPPD is looking for your feedback to help improve our training content.

2022 Trade Ally Summit

To enhance the training and support we provide OPPD Trade Allies, our annual training has transformed into a one day summit. This year’s summit will be held at the Scott Conference Center on November 1st, 2022.

Businesses interested in becoming a Trade Ally should attend and all current Trade Allies will need to send at least one team member to the event. Your organizations will benefit from:

· OPPD and Industry Updates

· Product and Service Education

· Marketing Support Opportunities

· Program Process Training

*This event is complimentary for current or potential Trade Allies*

Update Your Trade Ally Profile

Your profile can easily be updated with these 3 steps:

1. Email ( changes, which include updating company name, address, phone number, web address, email, adding new employees and removing past employees. 2. An OPPD administrator will update the changes in the system and online. 3. Check your information on to ensure updates are correct.

NOTE: New Trade Allies will have an account added in the system. This account is theirs exclusively. If a Trade Ally changes jobs or email addresses, then their account is deactivated. If deactivated, OPPD will need to establish a new account for the Trade Ally with their new employer and/or with their new email address in order to establish a new dashboard and submit applications. Also, once deactivated, Trade Allies will no longer be able to submit applications or access information from past submittals. Deactivated accounts can be transferred to an active account on request, as long as both accounts are under the same parent company.

Here’s what you need in order to apply for rebates:


Pre-Approval Before you begin the pre-approval process, please have the following information available: Your Trade Ally login information Premise where the project is taking place (as shown on OPPD billing statement) Customer's commitment to implement the project upon OPPD pre-approval Name and address of the entity receiving the rebate check ( Not required for residential rebates under $600) W9 for the entity receiving the rebate check


Approval Process Before you begin the project rebate process, please have the following information available: The Project cost (Projects over $5,000 require pre-approval) Customer's receipt of documentation An itemized invoice showing each piece of equipment and cost per unit along with labor and taxes

To apply for funds, you must be an approved Trade Ally with an established account in our system. If you do not have an established account, or are not presently a Trade Ally, please contact NOTE: OPPD is updating and streamlining online applications to improve the process. The information needed will remain the same, however, screens may look different. Documentation will be updated once all updates are made.

If you have feedback or suggestions to improve your experience, please email

Rebate Amounts

Click the quick links below to view the amounts available for each rebate.


Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Controls, Custom Lighting

HVAC Rebates

Chillers, Heat Pump, HVAC

ARC Rebates

Advance Rooftop Controllers

Custom Rebates

Energy Efficiency and Demand Reductions Projects

Estimate Savings for Customers

Estimate how much can be saved and the rebate amount for a current or upcoming project.

Marketing Materials

As a Trade Ally, we can create co-branded marketing materials that will allow you to offer rebates and savings quickly and easily to your customers.

To request these materials

email: with the following information: high-res logo, address and phone number.

Training Resources

Solar and Customer-Owned Generation (COG) Training

New Solar Program

Solar contractors can now become Trade Allies. Solar rebates (only for Trade Allies) coming soon!

Business Rebates Training Manual

444 South 16th Street Omaha, NE 68102